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The American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP) is a professional organization of leading brain scientists. The principal functions of the College are research and education. Our goals in research are to offer investigators an opportunity for cross-disciplinary communication and to promote the application of various scientific disciplines to the study of the brain’s effect on behavior, with a focus on mental illness of all forms. Our educational goals are to encourage young scientists to enter research careers in neuropsychopharmacology and to develop and provide accurate information about behavioral disorders and their pharmacological treatment.

Members are selected primarily on the basis of their original research contributions to the broad field of neuroscience.  Founded in 1961, the membership of the College is drawn from scientists in multiple fields including behavioral pharmacology, brain imaging, chronobiology, clinical psychopharmacology, epidemiology, genetics, molecular biology, neurochemistry, neuroendocrinology, neuroimmunology, neurology, neurophysiology, pharmacology, psychiatry, and psychology. The Annual Meeting of the College is kept small by inviting only those participants world-wide who have made major and significant research or clinical contributions in the areas of neuroscience of mental illness. Because of our intense concern with, and involvement in, the education and training of tomorrow's brain scientists, the College selects a small number of young scientists to be invited to the Annual Meeting through a national process open to all beginning researchers. This meeting, a cornucopia of state-of-the-art brain and behavior research world-wide, is designed to encourage dialogue, discussion, and synergy by those attending.

The makeup of the ACNP allows us to offer expertise in the science of psychiatric disorders from the standpoint of diagnostics and therapeutics. Our members are consistently acclaimed as the thought leaders in psychiatry and pharmacology, and we are beginning to apply this expertise to mental health policy. As such, we would like to work with policymakers wherever and whenever possible, and will be glad to provide members with appropriate guidance and expertise.

Mission Statement, Core Purpose, Core Values
A summary of our mission and core values.

About the ACNP (PDF 3148Kb)
An article by Oakley Ray, originally published in Academic Psychiatry.

ACNP Perspective (PDF 1555Kb)
An article by Ira Glick, originally published in Academic Psychiatry.


Annual Meeting

Program CoverThe ACNP Annual Meeting is one of the world's leading forums for the exchange of cutting edge scientific information about the brain, behavior, and psychotropic drugs.

Research Discussions

This forum enables discussion of articles that have appeared in Neuropsychopharmacology. It is intended to stimulate scholarly interactions among researchers, and to help educate members of the public who are interested in psychiatric illness.

ACNP Publications

Program CoverThe College offers a variety of Publications with the latest and most comprehensive research in psychopharmacology and related fields.